The use of medicinal herbs in gynecology
Quite often in the reproductive system of women, there was a failure. The reasons for this can be various factors like spread of urinary tract infection or infection after unprotected…

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Phyllanthus niruri (extract of herbs)
Plant of the family Euphorbiaceae, has received in recent years a wide popularity in many countries due to its ability to loosen almost any stones in the urinary system. Phyllanthus…

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Mushrooms as medicine

Fungi are very diverse in their properties. They can be fatal to humans, and to have a curative effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine and native American healers in South America are familiar with a lot of different species of fungi. Already for thousands of years they turn to their healing power. In modern Western medicine mushrooms have also been increasingly used as a therapeutic agent, which homeopaths administered in the form of capsules. More and more patients in the world have resorted to the so-called mesoterapia, that is, treatment of mushrooms.

The spectrum of diseases that can be overcome with the help of fungi, a very wide – from cough and asthma to thrombosis and elevated blood sugar levels. Mushrooms can also help to strengthen the immune system and is suitable even for anti aging.

Chinese medicine and mushrooms

In traditional Chinese medicine mushrooms are an integral part of for over three thousand years. Even here their use for combating cancer. Treatment mushrooms are also becoming more popular in Western countries.

The main thing is to choose the “right” fungus and dosing, say the doctors. To find such a mushroom and to determine the dose is not so simple. This requires a great experience. In China, the experience of treatment the fungi accumulating over the centuries.

Not to resort to self-treatment

If you compare with the Chinese science of mushrooms, Europe this sector is still a novice. Issledovania the field of mycotherapy mainly promise good results of therapy and the chances of recovery. Indeed, mushrooms contain some unique substances. Suffice it to recall the ancestor of all antibiotics – penicillin, which is derived from mushrooms. Or cyclosporine, without which it would transplant medicine would not have been possible.

Now medicinal mushrooms are grown all plantations as demand for them grows. However, it should be remembered that final thorough studies of their medicinal properties and side effects of this treatment no. Therefore, patients often have to independently decide whether to apply myotherapy or not. At the same time from the medication the doctors strictly caution.

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