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Medicine of ancient China

The purpose of the traditional medicine of ancient China has always been happy and healthy human existence. This required only 5 manifestations:

— First – wealth.

— Second – long life.

— Third – love.

Fourth – peace of mind.

Fifth – health.

In our article about health will be discussed, mainly about the treatment of the spine.

In China is widely used in folk medicine and simple rules of health. If a person will abide by them constantly, it will bring him health and happiness. To preserve the “viability” of your spine should:

1. Hard flat bed, which you’ve probably heard a lot. The bed should be so hard, which only man can endure. On the bed is better to lie flat, not curving 180 degrees. When a person is straight, then its mass is evenly distributed throughout the body. In this position, the muscles relax completely, and the curvature of the spine easily and quickly corrected. There is nothing better than a solid bed to remedy violations that occur in the spinal column.

The person who prefixpath on the soft bed, all the group of vertebrae form a slight curve, which is reflected even in the internal organs.

2. Second on the list is – hard pillow. Of course, everyone dreams sleep on soft pillows and a huge, forgetting that such enjoyment has a strong effect on the body. Ideal — shaped pillow cushion, which you can do the same yourself. Remember that jumping to such a pillow should not let the body gets used gradually.

On the pillow in the cervical vertebrae, are located right on the cushion, and completely eliminates the risk of curvature of the cervical vertebrae. Neck with the curvature shortens the life and causes inflammation in the joints. Over time, this leads to poor mobility of the cervical vertebrae and to the emergence of the obtuse and acute pain not only in the neck and spine, but in the back of his head.

The rules are very simple, but effective. With regular application you will forget about what a pain in the spine. The early prevention will help to avoid surgical treatment of the spine. Do not delay your time, it is not in your favor. Start to apply these rules today.

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