Scientists have named 5 animals that treat people's illnesses
The authors of the new trials announced that there are at least 5 Pets that can heal people's illnesses. These furry Pets — just an inexhaustible source of health. Professionals…

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To Tibet treat the Lama in America — too llama, but with hooves
South American llama in comparison with a camel or sheep from Asia looks impractical animals. Lam is not milked, not eaten and not even cut. For thousands of years and…

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Scientists have compiled a list of animals that know how to treat

It’s no secret that people have long argued that many animals are able to treat a person. Take a pet such as a cat. An avid cat owner I must say that the presence of cats, at least, comforting.

And as recently became known, a group of international scientists is finished having a number of interesting studies which have tried to figure out what exactly the animals are capable in some way to improve human health. Zehlicka also helps to improve health.

Naturally, the first place of the rating “therapeutic animal” was a cat. As noted by the researchers during carrying out a number of experiments they found out that these Pets will help get rid of the neurosis, depression, and even improve the digestive system. In addition, but this fact hardly anyone was expecting, cats can become great helpers in the process of treatment as drug and alcohol dependence, as, having spent at least 20 minutes in the company of cats, in humans, normalizes heart rhythm and pressure.

Second on the list of the most “therapeutic” animals was, and is, in principle, expect, dogs. The main benefit of communicating with them is that nobody else will make the person move like a dog. So, as a result of daily walks on siegemode in humans, normalizes the cardiovascular system. African cichlids also help to cure many diseases.

In addition, few people know that dog saliva has antibacterial effect, so regular licking dog significantly reduces the likelihood of such diseases as acute respiratory infections. As scholars have noted, in recent years intensively studied the reaction of dogs on the emergence in humans of cancer, so it is likely that soon the dog will begin to assist in the detection of cancerous tumors.

Such animals as horses, are great helpers in the process of rehabilitation of people from injury. In addition, horses therapists are most often used to find contact with kids suffering from autism.

In addition to these animals, in the top five included such animals as bees and snakes and this is quite natural, because since ancient times mankind uses the product of bee and snake venom to create effective medicines.