Folk remedies treatment of chronic alcoholism
Folk medicine recipes for the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Following are some of them. Recipe 1. An infusion of centaury, wormwood and thyme. Take each herb for 1 tablespoon, pour…

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Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a lot of money, can indeed help men with some disorders to maintain and restore the health of the male body. The undoubted advantage…

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Reishi is the best known mushroom in Chinese folk medicine

Reishi is a valuable mushroom. One minus — it’s bitter. This is the best known mushroom in Chinese folk medicine. The most ancient and very expensive. Reishi – increases the body’s resistance to diseases, can help in the fight against cancer, has a relaxing effect on the Central nervous system, alleviates pain, has antitussive and expectorant effect, improves and strengthens the heart, enhances memory, relieves fatigue, is a strong antioxidant.

The use of Ganoderma along with medication helps to cope with diseases of inflammatory, viral and allergic origin.

Antler baths from the last century is widely popular for its healing properties and essential tools for the bath. Thousands of tourists visited the Altai to recuperate and undergo legendary antler baths in spas surrounded by mountains and clean air. And now you have the opportunity to experience the full miraculous power of the antler baths while at home. Nowadays, thanks to scientific study, conducted 4 years, there is evidence that baths with pantohematogen valid for use in the home that can create the miracle.

The use of turpentine balsam protects the skin from aging and fading, makes it youthful, supple and elastic. What in fact is natural cosmetics. Oceanopolis people suffering from skin diseases, brittle hair and nails, living and working in adverse climatic and environmental conditions employed in jobs with a high expenditure of energy and great psychological and emotional stress. Oil of monarda is a rare and completely natural product, made from 100% plant oils and the leaves of monarda. The product is ready for use and does not require any preparation. Oil of monarda can be used both internally and externally for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Oil of monarda recommended for people of all ages, except pregnant and lactating mothers and children up to 9 years. New brightening hand cream SAB Sagan softens and brightens rough skin, promotes renewal of the skin, accelerates healing of minor wounds and cuts.

With my younger son The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination…


Doctors called the 5 animals that are able to treat people
Scientists have conducted several studies to explore the effects of some animals on the human body, or rather its recovery. About it reports Reregister. According to information obtained, the experts…

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