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Prayer and purifying bonfires noted Sagaalgan in Buryatia shamans

The ritual called upon the gods, asking them happiness, health and all the best

Ulan-Ude, February 12, UlanMedia. Shamans of Buryatia also noted Sagaalgan as is their custom. The ceremony took place in two stages: cleansing fires of 7 February and the prayer-the ritual in the night of 8 to 9 February. Rites were held in the territory of the shamanic centre “Tengeri” in the neighborhood Komushka, participated 20 shamans, reports UlanMedia news Agency.

— On the first day was cooked two fires. In one, the same as Buddhists, threw the pieces of dough or napkins, which they would wipe the body. A second passed, as if purged by fire. Parishioners had a lot. The ritual symbolized that all bad. that happened last year is in the past, and the good moved into the new year. Every other day at five in the morning the Supreme shaman “Zarin Boo” Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev congratulated all present, shamans, and parishioners with Sagaalgan. And announced that according to the old customs of the shamans, meeting the white month will be Kamlat, asking the deities, to all the people good health and all the best, — says the shaman center “Tengeri” Lyudmila Dashitsyrenov .

Kalaywa shaman center “Tengeri”

According to Lyudmila Dashitsirenov, the first phase of Sagaalgan the shamans is almost similar to the Buddhist rite Dugzhuuba. The second stage, a prayer service was held in the main building of the center “Tengeri”. The shamans called upon various spirits and deities of the tribal ancestors, “13 hatov” and the White Elder “Sagan herbal of Noyon”. After summoning shamans in ritual paraphernalia went outside to perform the prayer ritual structures “Olde” (literally translated as “fate”), then offered refreshments to all sides of the world and offered to the gods asked to protect the people. Then I started sessions shamanic trance calling generic of ongons (spirits of ancestors) who have requested prosperity in the new year. Then in turn called the White Elder, buhe-Noyon and the other “13 hatov” — deities, the patron of the Baikal region. Then was the “administration treats” the deity “white food” and sacrificial lamb. After that, the shamans read a prayer for the welfare of the people according to the lists of parishioners and conducted deities.

Note that according to Bair Tsirendorzhieva, in ancient times, shamans celebrated the new year in autumn, the day of the first snow. The tradition of celebrating the lunar calendar came later. Will also add that upon completion of construction of the temple of the shaman at the center “Tengeri” these ceremonies will be held already in it.