With my younger son The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination…

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The treatment of physiotherapy in the physiotherapy
Treatment physiotherapy Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that studies and uses for the treatment effect on the organism of environmental factors of heat, cold, light, water, electric and magnetic…

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The skills and fundamentals of Bio-energy healing.

Duration of course 2 days 2 hours

This course is required for dealing with: yoga, qigong, tai Chi, breathing and other Eastern practices associated with the movements of bio-energy, energy “Chi” that start working with the energy channels wishing to develop psychic ability and just engaged in dances and wanted to “hear” your body.

In some cases, trained effectively learned to restore vision after daily loads, they have improved coordination, speed-power performance, memory, learned to relieve yourself of pain and easy to apply simple practices of self-regulation.

In the program of the practical course:

the theoretical foundations.

practical training — life skills.

— lecture about what and where does bioenergy;

— diagnosis of the sensitivity of students;

— work with the “energy ball”, “a spring”;

— work on the movement of bioenergy;

— work with partners;

first steps in the diagnosis of the energy state of the person;

and much more.

Oedematiens results:

— improvement of psychic sensitivity;

— you learn to feel your energy in just one lesson!;

— control the sensations and movements of bio-energy in just 2-3 sessions!;

— the development of sensitivity to the level of conscious feeling of individual organs and processes occurring in them;

— improve communication between your brain and body (better coordination, etc.);

— ability to remove light pain (including headache and muscle pain);

Remember that bioenergy is an essential property of all living organisms. The person operating the bioenergy processes can slow the aging process, relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, skillfully to avoid difficulties in its path. Such a person just to build a career and he is easily restored after any exertion.