Combining methods of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the fight against cancer
Summary. The combined use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine could lead to new schemes of anticancer treatment By combining the most effective approaches of traditional Chinese and Western medicine…

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Traditional healing: for and against
Discussed benefit or harm traditional healing Professor, head of Department of the transforming genes of tumors Cancer research center. N. N. Blokhin Fedor Lvovich Kiselev and folk healer in the…

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Secrets of alternative medicine

You will appoint a homeopath

It is so arranged that none of us is immune from any disease. But we can choose where and how we are treated – whether to go to a regular clinic or seek assistance from representatives of alternative medicine. How to find “their” healer and not only maintain health, but money, is told in a new book by Alexander Strazhnoe.

Alexander Strazhnoe has both classical training (he graduated from Kyiv medical Institute), and education non-traditional (Ukrainian Institute of traditional medicine, Hanoi Institute of Oriental medicine). He has lectured in various countries, including Stanford University (USA), and in recent years worked as head of the office of alternative medicine at a private clinic in Hungary.

The “Guide for avid healers, and stubborn patients,” Dr. Strazhnoe explains how to distinguish a true healer from a charlatan, and talks about various areas of alternative diagnostics and medicine – such as acupuncture, homeopathy, bioenergetics. And, what is especially valuable, noted both strengths and weaknesses of a particular direction, helping the reader to decide what suits them best.

Thus, interestingly, nearly half of the Manual is devoted to this topical problem, as salootdelenie (not to be confused with medication!). Author vystraivayuschie and holistic system in which there is a place and cleansing of all body systems, and nutrition, and herbal medicine. In addition, the “Guide” provides guidelines for the acupressure (the impact on the active points of the ear allows you to get rid of many ailments such as hypertension, sciatica, low potency), as well as a range of therapeutic asanas (one of the components of yoga).

This book, written in an easy and vivid language, will be of interest to anyone who cares about their health and would like to know more about the pros and cons of alternative medicine.