Phyllanthus niruri (extract of herbs)
Plant of the family Euphorbiaceae, has received in recent years a wide popularity in many countries due to its ability to loosen almost any stones in the urinary system. Phyllanthus…

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Physical therapy is a necessary complement to medical treatment
Physiotherapy It has long been known that people living in warm, Maritime climate, rarely get sick. In the mountains there are more centenarians, but visitors here faster. No wonder Hippocrates…

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Traditional medicine of China will help to maintain health

Health only fifteen to twenty percent dependent on heredity and on the sixty-cent – a way of life. Another part is environmental habitat and food. Modern realities, when in order to succeed you need a lot of hard work, literally “burning” at work, lead to the fact that by forty years the average person has a whole bunch of chronic diseases.

No matter how sad, however, modern humans are little attention, and often or do not pay attention to those or other manifestations of the disease or the medication. All this leads to serious consequences. But, as you know – prevention is better than cure.

From ancient times to our days preserved some of the recipes that were used in Ancient China for healing. The Chinese were famous for their holistic approach to healing – they believed that it was necessary to treat not the disease itself and its causes. As for the drugs they used what was given by nature itself – living organisms and plants.

Such technologies allow now to cure those diseases, which scientific medicine is powerless. Drugs created on the basis of ancient Chinese recipes help in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract. They are particularly effective in the fight against razlichayushchiesya the skin.

Before we get to the Russian market, all medicinal AIDS Chinese medicine go through strict examination and testing. After the selection of priority drugs for clinical trials and registration procedure. All these measures are intended to ensure the quality and effectiveness of drugs. Do not think that Chinese medicines is the type of “folk” medicine, and that they can be taken at its own discretion. Before use, be sure to consult with a specialist.

This niche business has not yet filled in our market. That’s why every day more companies offering Chinese medicines. So, if you want to start your own business in this field, it is not necessary to pull. Now it is possible to buy ready-made company and almost immediately to reach a competitive level.