CLEARING JOINTS - the people's medicine
Gouty education, infectious poly - arthritis, osteochondrosis is a dump toxins in our joints. Practice has shown that to effectively fight against toxins in the joints, along with cleaning, it…

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Traditional Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine views a person both physically and mentally. It approaches health from the nature in all its complexity and multidimensionality. Enhancement of natural healing, Central China's traditional medical…

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Traditional recipes of beauty

Grandma’s ways for something good?

No matter if we are sore throat or ear, or we want to improve the condition of hair or to get rid of acne the first thing we turn to folk recipes. Their popularity is due to several factors. First of all, they are natural – we have most of the necessary components at home, and if not, we will certainly find them in the grocery store. In addition, the specificity of funds prepared by the house that, as a rule, they are cheaper than branded drugs from cosmetic companies and they have a very low possibility of chemical irritation that is good for even the most sensitive skin.

Traditional recipes of beauty truly serve us at any time. – serves us on the road.

In the medicine Cabinet grandma, we can find many ways to treat various hair problems.

Every blonde should have in their inventory, chamomile, decoction of which lightens hair, giving it a Golden hue. It also has soothing and antiseptic properties and reduces excessive oily skin.

If we want to give your hair Shine, use a simple lemon juice or vinegar, of course, diluted with water.

Mask of turnip and black kastorovogo restores hair and provides hair with nutrients.

In order to strengthen weak hair need to RUB the scalp onion juice. Apparently, this unique product also prevents premature graying.

The most famous of the folk recipes of beauty for your hair including eggs and beer. Recommended for people with dry, weak and in need of hair regeneration.

Rinse with stale beer prevents hair loss, giving them softness and Shine.

Mask from eggs and castor oil moisturizes and strengthens.

If you have to deal with acne, yeast will be for you an invaluable product. The mask can be prepared in minutes, but its effectiveness with regular use, you can compare with the most expensive beauty products available in drugstores. The resulting suspension after mixing with milk applied on the face and wash after 15 minutes. To obtain good results, this method should be applied 2 times per week.

Traditional recipes of beauty and is used for eyelashes. Angelic look with long eyelashes is certainly not to receive, without the thickening and darkening them with ink. However, we can make eyelash more flexible and to provide them with the best food. It is enough just a little bit of castor oil. It is best to apply at night on thoroughly washed mascara from your eyelashes.