Scientists have named 5 animals that treat people's illnesses
The authors of the new trials announced that there are at least 5 Pets that can heal people's illnesses. These furry Pets — just an inexhaustible source of health. Professionals…

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Successful operation or removed after months of agony gypsum for many mean that the treatment is over. But the final recovery, without recurrence, is inconceivable without a subsequent course of…

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Healing and clairvoyance

You need to understand that a proper coexistence with the laws of the universe improves, and preserves the human biofield. There is the concept of positive thinking – follow this rule and You will begin.

The phenomenon of healing

The phenomenon of healing have long been known, and often when conventional medicine cannot help to cure or to diagnose certain disease, people go for help to the healer. Healers not only treat disease, but also find and remove the causes of these problems in the body.

How to become a healer

First we need to determine whether the person has healing abilities. This can be done in three different ways.

Healing and color therapy

The impact of colour on the human body of Modern scientific research, as traditional physicists, physicians and psychologists, and parapsychologists, healers and magicians proved that there is significant influence of light waves on the human body.

Healing and bio-energetics

Methods of healing and began to study from the earliest times. Today there are many methods and different areas of healing.

The healer and his Gift to heal

Healing is akin to the magical gift and refers to the unusual abilities of the person. For some teetot the gift of healing is a natural, someone he can be acquired in the learning process. Of course, someone training is easy, someone a little harder but with good teachers abilities will develop in any case.

Healing – treating and healing

Every man decides for himself how to escape from diseases and to choose what treatment or healing of a healer.

Magic and healing. Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a tragedy for many families. A large number of people can not live a full life only because they are dependent.

Coding from alcohol

Coding from alcohol will be able to meet our experts without the knowledge of the patient, in most cases, Photos.