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Physiotherapy in gynecology

Physiotherapy is called the region of practical medicine, using physiologic and therapeutic effects of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body.

Indications for use

In gynecology, physiotherapy is assigned when:

rehabilitation after curettage of the mucous of the uterus, and abortion;

treatment of pelvic adhesions, peritoneal commissures;

toxemia of pregnancy;

the preparation of the endometrium prior to in vitro fertilization;

preparatory therapy before pregnancy for women with recurrent miscarriage;

infertility due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes;

chronic inflammatory processes of uterine appendages;

chronic recurrent urethritis;

interstitial cystitis;

cervical erosion, especially running;

recurrent inflammatory gynecological diseases;

degenerative processes of the vulva (kraurosis, trophic ulcers, essential pruritus vulvae);

stimulation of the uterus in case of hormonal changes;

anorgasmia in women.

Methods of physiotherapy in gynecology

The most commonly used methods of physiotherapy:

magnetic therapy;


laser therapy;

electrotherapy,including galvanizing, interference-therapy, electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis;

ultrasound therapy;


The effect of physiotherapy

Physical therapy allows you to achieve significant results in the treatment of gynecological diseases and pathologies. So, for example, electrophoresis in gynecology allows to influence on muscle and nerve tissue of the pelvic organs by a constant electric current that produces a stimulating effect in combination with the effect of penetrating under the effect of the current medication and natural remedies.

Physical therapy has been used successfully in pregnancy, allowing to achieve a good effect with much smaller doses of medication and reduce adverse effects on the fetus.

Physiotherapy is effective in toxicosis. With the threat of miscarriage physical therapy is sometimes effective at reducing the tone of the uterus , reducing the sensitivity of the uterus to oxytocin — the hormone that stimulates the contraction of the muscles.

Physiotherapy is used for rehabilitation in the postpartum period. So, physiotherapy helps to reduce the risk of complications of an inflammatory nature, easier recovery period after a caesarean section, including the healing of joints. With the help of physical factors, a treatment of cracked nipples and mastitis prevention.

Many years of experience gained physiotherapy and modern gynecology, indicates the expediency of application of physiotherapy in the complex treatment before and during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

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