Alternative medicine is
View what is "alternative medicine" in other dictionaries: ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE) also Referred to as a parallel medical system of ideas and practices in the field of diagnostics and…

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Seeds of medicinal plants
Watermelon is a southern, juicy, sweet, everyone's favorite berry, native to Central Africa, namely the Kalahari desert! There still can be found wild watermelons. Though unlike usual they are the…

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Combining methods of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the fight against cancer

Summary. The combined use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine could lead to new schemes of anticancer treatment

By combining the most effective approaches of traditional Chinese and Western medicine could be an encouraging Foundation for the development of innovative treatment regimens for patients with cancer of the liver, lung, colorectal cancer and osteosarcoma.

Specialists from the Medical school of Cardiff University (Cardiff University’s School of Medicine), Wales, UK, has joined forces with Chinese scientists from Peking University (Peking University) the study the strengths of traditional Chinese medicine.

A group of scientists has set itself the goal to explore the possibility of improving the treatment of cancer patients by combined application of the techniques of Chinese medicine with Western established standardized methods of treatment, such as chemotherapy, and the creation of new schemes of anticancer therapy.

Therapeutic agents used in Chinese medicine, is a biologically active substance, made from extracts of natural products or plants that are used for several centuries in folk medicine of China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. Despite some successful applications, the majority of drugs have no scientific basis of its effectiveness,which inevitably leads to skepticism regarding the possibility of incorporating them into modern schemes of treatment.

Yangzheng Luan (Yang Zheng Xiao zi) is a traditional Chinese medicine composed of extracts of 14 herbs. The drug has proven effective in the treatment of cancer patients, however, remains unclear the mechanism of its action. Studying with 2012 features of this drug, scientists have found that its action is to block the dissemination of cancer cells in the body. The drug confirmed its effectiveness in the treatment of patients with solid malignant tumors both when used alone and in combination with standard treatment regimens, such as chemotherapy.

These data suggest that the combined use of the most effective drugs of traditional Chinese medicine in combination with standard Western drug therapy can be a key moment in the development of new approaches in the treatment of patients with malignant neoplasms.