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CLEARING JOINTS – the people’s medicine

Gouty education, infectious poly – arthritis, osteochondrosis is a dump toxins in our joints.

Practice has shown that to effectively fight against toxins in the joints, along with cleaning, it is necessary to do other treatments. For example, fat slags “will appear” much faster if along with the procedure for cleaning the joints, described below, you are going to do the bath in the decoction of oat-straw: a bundle of oat straw boiled for 30 minutes in 3-4 liters of water. To insist 30 minutes and in this broth to hold hands or feet with gouty cones (at least 30 min).

If you have time and have patience, after a bath you can RUB gouty education by the following means: an egg, preferably not dietary, but from the chicken, pre-washed by water, falls gently in a mayonnaise jar and filled to the brim with vinegar. (It is not possible to use acetic essence! It causes severe burns to the skin!)

A jar cover tightly and put on 2 days in a cool place. After 2 days open. Cornea eggs “bloom”, but left the film. Pierce the film and release the contents aicr in vinegar. Shake well and put in a dark, cool place for another 2 days. After 2 days rubbing ready. RUB the prepared liquid can bezdim – EMA Navara tubs of oat straw, but more effective after a bath.

So prepare the means to deal with wastes in the joints, you start cleaning the joints.

CLEANING of JOINTS (in N M Kurenova)

Cleaning of joints be performed only after cleaning the intestines! Napar should be prepared in advance in the evening. In the morning you will start to drink it. 4 g of Bay leaves pour boiling water (300 g) and boil for five minutes. Easier, if the leaves are crushed. Then pour water with leaves in a thermos (just from heat) and keep 3-4 h. the solution is Then strain and drink in small SIPS within 12 hours Immediately can not drink a lot — can cause bleeding.

This procedure is repeated for 3 days. If possible * start tubs of oat straw, you can use hay dust or branches of pine needles (instead of oat straw).

• Attention! In the days of receiving napara Laurel leaves daily to do enema. Inferred toxins “stuck” in sallabanda the intestine, can cause allergic phenomenon.

After three days of receiving napara Bay leaf to make a week break. Then repeat the procedure for another 3 days.

• Vegetarian meals.

Bath of broth from a straw and rubbing to continue without interruption and after receiving napara leaves until complete disappearance of lesions on the joints.

• For constipation do an enema and during the period of interruption of receiving napara. The first year to clean the joints — once in a quarter. Further — once a year.