Osteopathy - Professor, doctor of medicine Dietmar Daichendt
Osteopathy Or osteopathy "osteopathic medicine" is a form of manual therapy that has its roots in the 19th century in the United States. Its founder and father was an American…

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Medicine of ancient China
The purpose of the traditional medicine of ancient China has always been happy and healthy human existence. This required only 5 manifestations: — First – wealth. — Second – long…

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To Tibet treat the Lama in America — too llama, but with hooves

South American llama in comparison with a camel or sheep from Asia looks impractical animals. Lam is not milked, not eaten and not even cut. For thousands of years and bringing them to the mountain trails of the goods.

But in the 21st century pack lamas has shown a new concern. The farm staff on the breeding and husbandry of these animals located in Washington state, Northwest USA, lead their llamas to hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, where improve the mood and health of patients, allowing them to communicate with peace-loving furry animals. The effect, as reported by the farmers wife Nicky and Jeff Kuklenski, mostly just magic — the sick recover faster, for example.

Well-groomed and well-mannered llamas are very nice to hug, some even kiss. When animals appear in the corridors of medical institutions, they seem like aliens from another world. Therapeutic innovation physicians accept very well.

All llamas participating in sessions, pet therapy, received their certificates after a long training. In order to work with patients, children and elderly people, dogs need to feel comfortable in different places — be it a busy street echoing or hospital ward. In addition, Lama should stop being afraid of strangers and spokesmodeling more than just kiss. Llamas are stubborn, but the patience of trainer rewarded in full.

Animal-assisted therapy has been used successfully in psychological care, physical therapy, therapy after severe stress. In the United States registered about 10 thousand animals, which heal or help to heal. Mostly dogs, are often used cats, parrots, dolphins and horses. And only 14 of these 10 of thousands of American “doctors” — Lama.

One of the first experimenters in animal therapy was a social worker David Lee from a psychiatric hospital for criminals in Ohio. In 1975 he presented his patients with small animals, just. The results were unexpectedly beautiful — the number of fights between patients has decreased, suicide attempts generally ended.