Purchase of new physiotherapy equipment hi-Top (Germany)
High ( HiToP ) therapy – an innovative direction in the development of electrotherapy. It is a synthesis of modern knowledge of medicine, physics, mathematics, musicology and theory of harmony.…

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Scientists have named 5 animals that treat people's illnesses
The authors of the new trials announced that there are at least 5 Pets that can heal people's illnesses. These furry Pets — just an inexhaustible source of health. Professionals…

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With my younger son

The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination of herbs has a long, long istoriju. Extant literary sources testify that this method was widely used in ancient times. This was done to enhance the treatment effect, assist in the presence of some comorbidities, eliminate (reduce) the negative properties of any of the components included in the COLLECTION. Selection of plants for COLLECTION depends on many factors and reflects the skills and experience of the HEALER. It is necessary to consider the nature of the underlying disease and its peculiarities in this particular patient, with the aim of individualization of treatment. The healer, making a COLLECTION based on one or many medical effects that are typical of this plant. At the same time when designing the COLLECTION it is necessary to consider the properties of biologically active substances of plants, or combinations thereof, as well as potential pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic characteristics of the active components of the plants included in the COLLECTION.

The active substances are interconnected in dolnoslaskich physico-chemical relationships and, once in the body, participating in metabolism, produce very complex effects.

QUITE OFTEN I AM ASKED TO WRITE A COMPOSITION OF HERBS INCLUDED IN FEES. I never write the herbs included in prepared for the patient FEES. Herbs are dry, who are versed in herbs, will be able to understand. In any case, FEES are prepared strictly INDIVIDUALLY, and, even knowing the composition in the COLLECTION of herbs, to repeat it in relation to the treatment of another patient it is IMPOSSIBLE. Such KNOWLEDGE is absorbed, as the saying goes; “Mother’s milk”, and learn how to prepare TAXES, and especially to treat the sick according to my recipes IMPOSSIBLE. So do not try to deceive yourself, torturing my herbs. In addition, to HEAL the sick with medicinal herbs, you first need to thoroughly examine the ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY of MAN! Unfortunately, some “mount “healers”who undertake to cure Prostatitis in women or Fibroids in men. For the TREATMENT of SERIOUS DISEASES I prepare complex FEES, and only when the ANAMNESIS (medical HISTORY) the patient with all the tests. You can restore KIDNEY function in whatever state he was in, it is possible to completely cure ANY disease of the HEART, LIVER, TRAIN TO TA. Herbs can cure just about anything! And even REJUVENATE a PERSON. It would WISH. Only need to choose the herbs included in the COLLECTION. And my “SECRETS” I have someone to pass.