Scientists have named five animals that are able to treat people's illnesses
First and second place was given to cats and dogs USA, August 17, RIA FederalPress. An international group of scientists has compiled a list of animals that can cure human…

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Traditional healing: for and against
Discussed benefit or harm traditional healing Professor, head of Department of the transforming genes of tumors Cancer research center. N. N. Blokhin Fedor Lvovich Kiselev and folk healer in the…

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Traditional medicine can kill

In medicinal plants – toxic poisons

British doctors recently published a study that could radically change our view on traditional medicine. It turns out that herbs, which many people considered to be the panacea for all ills, do more harm than good. It is not about particular cases of intolerance

Every year, traditional medicine is becoming more popular. Her fans are convinced that if China and India similarly treated since ancient times, and modern people, these drugs do not damage. Therefore, various centers and offices of herbalists are multiplying like mushrooms after rain.

A combination of herbs can cure almost any ailment, according to the adepts of alternative medicine. But Dr Peter canter and Professor Edward Ernst of the University of Exeter claim that it is not, and such therapy can bring much more harm than good.

Colleagues are United in the view that suffering often become victims of scams: tired of the chronic diseases people cling to the most incredible promises and become easy targets charlatans.

The main danger of using herbs lies in the fact that the areas where they were collected, are heavily polluted. It is known that plants accumulate in itself all harmful emissions and chemical fertilizers, bringing in the end pasientene relief, and suffering.

In the course of their work, scientists reviewed the results of more than a thousand studies on the medicinal herbs. Most doctors acknowledged that the effect of the use of the herbal tea and placebo was similar. In some cases, when taken placebo the improvement came even faster than herbal.

Apart from the fact that plants accumulate in themselves harmful compounds, they themselves are not always safe. A wrong dosage may cause serious harm to the health. For example, fans of tea with mint one day find themselves with a disorder of erection and overdose of chamomile can cause menstrual irregularities in women. The juice of plantain has the ability to thicken the blood, so people with heart disease it can literally be deadly. And so beloved by many nettles in two days after collection begins to produce toxic compounds.

It is clear that the data that scientists still nowhere published, will not please the manufacturers of traditional medicine. The medicinal herbs market in England is about $4 million, and so just to give sharks this business is clearly not going.

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Doctors called the 5 animals that are able to treat people
Scientists have conducted several studies to explore the effects of some animals on the human body, or rather its recovery. About it reports Reregister. According to information obtained, the experts…

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