The cultivation of medicinal plants
Valeriana officinalis Valerian creates a light and pleasant air to breathe. This property of Valerian is due to the presence in it, first of all, essential oils. In the composition…

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Alternative medicine is
View what is "alternative medicine" in other dictionaries: ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE) also Referred to as a parallel medical system of ideas and practices in the field of diagnostics and…

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Purchase of new physiotherapy equipment hi-Top (Germany)

High ( HiToP ) therapy – an innovative direction in the development of electrotherapy. It is a synthesis of modern knowledge of medicine, physics, mathematics, musicology and theory of harmony. The use of alternating electric current of high frequency, simultaneously modulated in frequency and amplitude, causes resonant vibrations within the cells of the body, which allows to treat directly the cells of the diseased tissue and not the surrounding tissue. Activation of individual molecules and large cellular structures can lead to the acceleration of biochemical processes in the cells normal metabolism, they begin to work in a normal healthy mode, there is a process called vitalitatii. As a result, achieve the following objectives:

– fast and effective pain relief, particularly chronic and difficult to treat;

– the disappearance of the intoxication of any origin, both internal (from improper metabolism, disease of the liver, kidneys, etc.) and external (poisoning, alcoholism, etc.);

– the disappearance (treatment) edema of any origin;

-improvement of microcirculation in tissues, increase metabolism, lipolysis.

High therapy normalize the regulatory processes in the body and charges the cells with energy, helps to maintain and strengthen the resistance of organismal overload, stress, chronic diseases. Normalize all body functions. For example, high blood pressure drops, and low – rises, also normalizes the heart rate. After the procedure the patient feels invigorating feeling after a jog, a burst of vitality and at the same time a pleasant relaxation.

The scope of the HiToP device is very wide: traumatology and orthopedics, and sports medicine, therapy of internal diseases, narcology, etc. High therapy is very comfortable for the patient, accompanied by the music therapy (sound of rain, surf noise, singing of birds). It is harmless, and even, unlike many of electroprocedure, it can be used in the presence of implants and endoprostheses. HiToP therapy is a much more effective method of pain relief, especially chronic, than conventional methods, including pharmacological. High therapy is strictly individual treatment and the possibility of achieving several goals at the same time.

Due to its multifaceted effects Nor therapy has been used successfully in the treatment of cellulite, and turns “apelsinovyy peel” in “smooth peach”.

The course of treatment includes 10 sessions (3-5 sessions per week), one session depending on the program can last from 20 to 60 minutes.