With my younger son The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination…

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Traditional medicine can kill
In medicinal plants - toxic poisons British doctors recently published a study that could radically change our view on traditional medicine. It turns out that herbs, which many people considered…

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Osteopathy – Professor, doctor of medicine Dietmar Daichendt


Or osteopathy “osteopathic medicine” is a form of manual therapy that has its roots in the 19th century in the United States. Its founder and father was an American surgeon, doctor of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor still (Andrew Taylor Still). In their daily practice he found that a huge number of conditions and symptoms caused by organ dysfunction and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

It has developed its own diagnostic and manual therapies aimed at treating this. In the subsequent decades to the present day osteopathic medicine actively developed and today it is practiced by doctors and therapists.

In Germany osteopathic medicine is not the treatment method, which is based on the rules of preparation of specialists of medical associations.

However, medical associations have contributed to the spread of osteopathy in the field of manual medicine so widely that they have implemented in osteopathic manual medicine ways and the conceptual model (at least part of them) for an additional term.

In Germany osteopathy is used by doctors, physiotherapists and non-medical specialists. Standard training is conducted only by medical associations. Leading osteopathic medical Association has medicinaregatan General German standard for those skills, which “osteopath” must master and perform sufficiently. These criteria are assembled into a single document outlining the position and been recognized by the world health organization (who) and the Osteopathic international Alliance, which includes the world’s largest osteopathic Association.

Society for chirotherapy and osteopathy Germany, the Chairman of which I started in 2005, has helped to accelerate the process of recognition of the medical osteopathy in Germany and abroad. Society for chirotherapy and osteopathy Germany awards professionals who have completed a minimum of least 4 years of formal education, the degree of “M. D. O.” i.e. the title of doctor of medicine in osteopathy – DGCO.

Doctors who have received this official degree, have the qualifications sufficient to practice osteopathy at the highest level. Other medical Association of Germany represented in the European register of osteopathic medicine and training of doctors, osteopaths on comparable directives and provide the appropriate official of the degree.