Healing and clairvoyance You need to understand that a proper coexistence with the laws of the universe improves, and preserves the human biofield. There is the concept of positive thinking…

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Osteopathy - Professor, doctor of medicine Dietmar Daichendt
Osteopathy Or osteopathy "osteopathic medicine" is a form of manual therapy that has its roots in the 19th century in the United States. Its founder and father was an American…

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Healers have no right to treat cancer, tuberculosis and mental illness

On the territory of the Irkutsk region the right to engage in folk medicine to the citizens of Russia, received a diploma of higher and secondary medical education the resolution issued by the Ministry. It is stated in the decree “About the order of classes in folk medicine”, signed by the regional Ministry of health may 21, 2012. The national medicine is not included in the program of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical care. In the order it is written, folk medicine methods of healing are established in people’s experiences, which are based on the use of knowledge, abilities and practical skills in assessment of rehabilitation. Folk medicine does not include the provision of services of occult-magical and religious ceremonies.

The healer has no right to apply the methods of traditional medicine to patients with malignant neoplasms, mental and infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, and to treat children up to 15 years inclusive and children suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism, up to 16 years inclusive. A person without higher medical education and relevant training, does not have the right treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. It is impossible to hold sessions of mass classes narodnozabavni, including using the media. The resolution on the right to engage in folk medicine is issued for five years but can be withdrawn in case of violations.

Having a permit on the territory of Irkutsk region, traditional healers do not have the right to engage in folk medicine in different region. After receiving permission, he is obliged to ensure the provision of services at the premises owned by him on a legal basis and corresponding to established sanitary requirements. In addition, the healer should not use their knowledge and skills to the detriment of the life and health of citizens and maintain a register of the addresses of patients and provided services.

This law regulates the relations arising between the regional Ministry, individuals and non-profit medical professional associations, health organizations, and establishes organizational and legal bases of granting and revoking authorization to engage in folk medicine.

Traditional medicine shark oil
Distinguish following folk medicine shark oil this sedimentary rocks: gas, fat, shark oil price in capsules of brown, subbituminous, coke, slabospekajushchiesja, otnosheny caking, skinny, anthracite. Reproduction, procreation — a sign…


LLC "Center of traditional and alternative medicine "GLOBE"
The doctors are following specialists: cardiologist pulmonologist gastroenterologist therapist surgeon endocrinologist osteopath girudoterapevt gynecologist urologist dentist (therapist, surgeon, prosthetist) Conducted all kinds of tests, ultrasound, computer diagnostics, dopplerography, EKG. Is…

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