Physiotherapy in gynecology
Physiotherapy is called the region of practical medicine, using physiologic and therapeutic effects of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body. Indications for use In gynecology, physiotherapy…

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Medicine of ancient China
The purpose of the traditional medicine of ancient China has always been happy and healthy human existence. This required only 5 manifestations: — First – wealth. — Second – long…

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Doctors called the 5 animals that are able to treat people

Scientists have conducted several studies to explore the effects of some animals on the human body, or rather its recovery. About it reports Reregister. According to information obtained, the experts have identified 5 fauna species that help to cure such diseases as dementia, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, mental disorder, diabetes, etc. the fact is that animals possess some power properties, engage with people in an intensive exchange of energy – and thus healing takes place .

Studies have shown that animals have an energy field, which is in close contact with the people enter into an intensive process of energy exchange with their body, and therefore recovery occurs. What are these 5 valuable fauna?

The first and, indeed, has long been considered household healers — cats. Thanks to the contact with them is normalized blood pressure, decreased aggression, weakens the pain in the heart, stomach, feet, liver. Feeling in which the human organs present negative energy, cat pick her up.

Another animal can improve the health of people — dog. It can relieve a person from fatigue, giving him the surplus of his energy.In some cases it is necessary to communicate with the dog? When reduced pressure, dizzy, after a severe illness. Dogs can predict the onset of hypoglycemic coma and to notify the person at risk.

The horses benefit as doctors for people with various mental disorders. But especially necessary may be the assistance for children with autism and troubled youth.

Also to this list, the researchers have enlisted bees, which soothe and bring overwhelming benefits in the form of precious products such as honey and propolis. The list of animals having the properties of animal therapy, there is even a snake. They help a person to relax, and the venom of some species can be used in the treatment of veins. For all these reasons, experts urge people to include in his abode of at least one pet, which will help get rid of many ailments and mental worries.