Folk remedies treatment of chronic alcoholism
Folk medicine recipes for the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Following are some of them. Recipe 1. An infusion of centaury, wormwood and thyme. Take each herb for 1 tablespoon, pour…

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The treatment of physiotherapy in the physiotherapy
Treatment physiotherapy Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that studies and uses for the treatment effect on the organism of environmental factors of heat, cold, light, water, electric and magnetic…

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Scientists have named 5 animals that treat people’s illnesses

The authors of the new trials announced that there are at least 5 Pets that can heal people’s illnesses. These furry Pets — just an inexhaustible source of health. Professionals reported that cats help people to be free of neuroses, mental disorders and depression. Also practiced therapy cats when the pathologies of the respiratory system (e.g. asthma), disorders of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, reproductive system, joint diseases, fractures, injuries and even alcoholism and drug addiction.

Dogs, according to scientists accustom a person to the healthy lifestyle. She needs to walk, not once a day.

Thus, our body gets several positive effects: maintaining weight, regular walks in the fresh air, the lack of depression, prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, saliva from dogs has antibacterial properties thanks to the contained the lysozyme — wound-healing substance. And what can we say about dogs — the dogs that replace the owner of the eyes either while can recognize an attack of epilepsy in his master, thus to save his life. Now therapists are increasingly used in private practices, lessons with horses, especially for young patients who are sick with autism and young people who have problems with behavior.

Next on the list — workers bees. Horses have a in such cases invaluable assistance.

Also it is worth noticing the bees, the honey which has incredible properties.

Another powerful bee product is the poison: the poison used in rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis and different pathologies of tendons and muscles.

Healing a list of short upolnomochennykh fauna snakes. But at the end of the list will be snakes that help in the treatment of diseases of joints and veins, they kill the damaged cells of the body. The snake venom can cure even cancer.

Animals that help people with physiological and psychological inconsistencies, much more. There are Golden words: “We are responsible for those who tamed”.

Description of substance marshmallow herb extract (Extractum herbae althaeae consists officinalis): the instruction, use, contraindications, and formula
Marshmallow herb extract (althaeae consists of officinalis herbae extract): instruction, application and formula Russian name Marshmallow herb extract The Latin name of the substance marshmallow herb extract Officinalis herbae Extractum…


Folk medicine and folk recipes available - encyclopedia of folk medicine
Recipes of traditional medicine of all diseases: Traditional medicine is a centuries-vast experience use traditional recipes and techniques . with the help of which the people of the world get…

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