Thrush and folk medicine
About health, life and love Do not get sick, Yes loved. Thrush and folk medicine Yes, it is. All itching! Take soda, pommeuse, and let it be, - Ekaterina Iosifovna…

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I propose an experiment in the field of alternative medicine
I propose an experiment in the field of alternative medicine for remote treatment of AIDS (HIV+ to HIV-). The essence of the experiment. The patient is where he's comfortable. He…

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Physical therapy is a necessary complement to medical treatment


It has long been known that people living in warm, Maritime climate, rarely get sick. In the mountains there are more centenarians, but visitors here faster. No wonder Hippocrates said “nature is the physician of all diseases”. Modern scientists and doctors are “borrowed” from nature’s many effective healing methods, and then began working on developing artificially derived methods, similar to natural, which can be used to restore, preserve and promote health. So there was physiotherapy (gr. physis, nature, + therapeia cure) the treatment methods using natural or artificially simulated physical factors such as light, heat, water, and air.

The challenge facing modern medicine is the high toxicity of drugs during their prolonged use. Patients with chronic diseases have to take them for years, and they have added problems: “sit down” the liver, kidneys, heart. This is why physical therapy is a necessary addition to medical treatment, which allows to reduce the number of medicines, to improve their efficiency, recover more quickly from illness and injury. In some cases, for young children and debilitated patients physiotherapy is the only possible remedy.

Physical therapy lichidarii list of the various diseases. The major advantage is no side effects, allergies and toxic effects on the body.

The advantages of the method is obvious – it is soft, painless treatment, does not cause drug addiction and damage to the skin and mucous membranes.

Modern doctors it is hard to imagine a Spa treatment and rehabilitation after an illness of physiotherapy. It is used directly in the period of disease and in all stages of bringing man back to normal after it. Many illnesses – for example, hypertension, in the initial stages it is recommended to treat non-drug methods including physiotherapy, years delays the time of the permanent taking medications with side effects.

Abroad methods of physiotherapy are to restore the health, remove stress, fatigue and other effects from intense emotional and physical strain that are characteristic of the modern pace of life.

Description of substance marshmallow herb extract (Extractum herbae althaeae consists officinalis): the instruction, use, contraindications, and formula
Marshmallow herb extract (althaeae consists of officinalis herbae extract): instruction, application and formula Russian name Marshmallow herb extract The Latin name of the substance marshmallow herb extract Officinalis herbae Extractum…


To Tibet treat the Lama in America — too llama, but with hooves
South American llama in comparison with a camel or sheep from Asia looks impractical animals. Lam is not milked, not eaten and not even cut. For thousands of years and…

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