Mushrooms as medicine
Fungi are very diverse in their properties. They can be fatal to humans, and to have a curative effect. Traditional Chinese medicine and native American healers in South America are…

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With my younger son The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination…

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The use of medicinal herbs in gynecology

Quite often in the reproductive system of women, there was a failure. The reasons for this can be various factors like spread of urinary tract infection or infection after unprotected sex and regular stress or hypothermia. Inflammatory processes bring not only a number of quite a discomfort, but psychological discomfort. Therefore, combined therapy is the best solution for fast relief of inflammation or reducing the growth of tumors. Drugs do not always give the desired result. Besides, quite often, their reception is accompanied by dysfunction of other systems, e.g. the digestive tract. Because of this, more and more attention in the treatment of various ailments herbal pay various levies.

To understand how advisable to use them, you should initially understand the characteristics of the application. In this regard, we note that proper use of properly selected complex of herbs really can favorably affect the disease. For example, the positive effects of chamomile, oak bark, periwinkle. When the decision to embark on herbal medicine initially definitely consult with a specialist. In no event it is impossible to do a separate appointment, because incorrect use of certain infusions may cause more harm. Some plants in nepodhodyaschee can cause General intoxication of the organism, the other is not the best way affect the hormones. The result of this therapy can become not only an aggravation of existing inflammation, but a significant decrease in reproductive function.

Many modern experts widely used herbal remedies in the treatment of not only inflammation of the tissues of the mucous membranes and genitals, but even if the occurrence of tumors. Through this approach, efficacy of therapy can be quite effective without the need for surgery.

All-purpose medicinal herbs have several shapes. To prevent the spread of infection, relieve pain and reduce the degree of inflammation of internal genital organs it is advisable to use special decoctions in the form of douching. The appearance of lesions on the outer fabrics used the washing of the bodies of certain infusions. To improve protective properties of the organism rational solution would be the use of immunostimulatory and tonic concoctions inside of a clearly developed scheme.