Started group yoga
Directions and training program: - Classical yoga (Studying the philosophy of yoga, learn various methods, techniques and styles of yoga, goals and objectives, they work, the mechanisms of their effects…

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Traditional recipes of beauty
Grandma's ways for something good? No matter if we are sore throat or ear, or we want to improve the condition of hair or to get rid of acne the…

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Folk remedies for HCV

Traditional medicine has an Arsenal of effective methods aimed at prevention of gallstone disease and combating its consequences. And although many Orthodox physicians from the phrase “liver cleansing” brings cheekbones, wanting to try to clean this important organ in the home is becoming more and more over the years.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the virus and the duration of the disease and the immune status of the patient. The effectiveness of treatment of viral hepatitis on average ranges from 40 to 50. Depending on the stage and severity of the disease hepatitis treated on an outpatient basis or in the hospital.

At very strong immune system, once infected, a person carries hepatitis C is mild and is recovering. The frequency of such cases is close to 20. In most cases – 70 after infection a person becomes chronic hepatitis C.

What are the most dangerous consequences of hepatitis? The most dangerous consequence of acute hepatitis the development of severe fulminant form of the disease. And although this is rare (about 1 case of hepatitis to write him off).

Reneawable cancer provides a better chance for successful treatment. Diagnosing liver Cancer: Initially the diagnosis is suggested on the basis of complaints and examination of the patient, palpation and percussion of liver, laboratory tests (increased bilirubin in the blood and urobilin in the urine).

Vitamin a is essential for skin and mucous membranes, prevention of cancer and infectious diseases, and vision disorders. It strengthens teeth and bones, prevents development of inflammatory processes, improves concentration. Thiamin 0.1 mg (the daily requirement is about 1.4 mg).

All news – medical news of Israel, Savaldi – new medicine for hepatitis C. Control of food and medicines USA (FDA) and European medicines Agency (EMA) authorized the use of the new drug Sofosbuvir (trade name in Germany and Israel – Savoldi) for the treatment of Hepatitis C. efficacy of a drug, Avalide has been proven by a series of six clinical trials in which he participated.