With my younger son The ability to combine plants in diverse combinations to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect is the most important feature of medicinal herbs. The method of combination…

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Traditional recipes of beauty
Grandma's ways for something good? No matter if we are sore throat or ear, or we want to improve the condition of hair or to get rid of acne the…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a lot of money, can indeed help men with some disorders to maintain and restore the health of the male body. The undoubted advantage of such treatment methods is that they are not one century, we can say that this treatment is tested for centuries by our ancestors. In fairness it should be noted that sometimes the recipes of traditional treatment is more efficient and devoid of many far from harmless side effects than modern pharmaceuticals. Also important is the financial factor, as for making a therapeutic infusion, ointment or decoction will need are readily available and inexpensive ingredients, while modern pharmaceutical drugs are often not affordable for an average Russian citizen.

Traditional medicine helps to get rid of andrological problems such as weakening of erection, infertility, prostatitis, adenoma, inflammatory abnormalities of the testicles, prepuce, of the glans or the urethra. According to studies, in case of erectile dysfunction or weakening of the greatest efficiency has ways of national treatment, help eliminate depression and stress, increase vitality and immune defense of the male body. Of course, such lacanienne should serve as a fundamental therapy, it should bear a complementary function, which enables the overall therapeutic effect is significantly increased.

Effective natural medicine in the fight against male infertility. To this end it is recommended to make various concoctions based on the hawthorn or Adonis, or elderberry knotweed, Basil, or Adam root, birch buds, remedies Shilajit and bee products (pollen, Royal jelly, propolis, honey). Time checked that products like pears, onions or pumpkin juice is very beneficial effect on the seminal fluid, increasing its qualitative characteristics. To increase sperm count folk remedies suggest that you take infusions of psyllium or wormwood, hawthorn and pomegranate, pomegranate juice and Shilajit. Many of the recipes, but to apply them yourself you can not, any treatment must be consistent with the andrologist.