Wrinkles on hand folk remedies treatment
Castration of cats can reduce the number of fights. Yoga Publications personal Hygiene Neti Kriya nasal Lavage. They also come in a number of effective folk remedies from wrinkles on…

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Analgesic remedy for hemorrhoids during pregnancy
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Successful operation or removed after months of agony gypsum for many mean that the treatment is over. But the final recovery, without recurrence, is inconceivable without a subsequent course of recovery procedures.


Physiotherapy is available in every clinic, but patients are not particularly zhaluyut. And often, they, unfortunately, are right: a separate procedure is unlikely to yield significant benefits to the health. But taken together, in the form of a specific program (from 2 to 5 procedures), visits of physiotherapy impact on health in the best way.

Recovery treatment will take time (from 1 to 3 hours a day for at least two weeks), but the result is worth it.

Physiotherapy is needed and as a preventive measure. After special diagnosis of the reflex zones of the skin, the doctor discovers the functional state of all organs and systems of the patient. This helps to suggest what kind of health troubles can be expected in the future and focusing on the forecast, to choose a program that will allow people to avoid him threatening ailments.


At the heart of all physiotherapy is any physical factor. First – electricity.

Galvanization (General and local), electrophoresis, amplipulsetherapy, phonophoresis allow destabilisierende drugs precisely to the destination and in very small amounts that will not cause harm to the body. Such a “homeopathic” method allows the drug to gradually accumulate in the affected organ, so the patient does not get used as when taking the tablets, which sooner or later cease to operate or require large doses.

Pills and injections are not the best methods of administration of drugs. Much more successfully cope with this electric current.

Electrosleep – a curious procedure, known to many in the film “Love and doves”, helps not only to relax and rejuvenate and nerves, but also to get rid of severe headaches, various pain syndromes.

Percutaneous electroneurostimulation is a new method, Russian know-how. This is a form of reflexotherapy. Gently humming device resembling a mobile , acts on the nerve endings of sensory fibers located on the surface of the reflex zones. This creates a positive or, conversely, a negative electrical potential of the various zones and blocks painful impulses from the pathological focus.

Electrotherapy helps to restore balance in the body by lowering or raising tone of a particular organ.