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Thrush and folk medicine
About health, life and love Do not get sick, Yes loved. Thrush and folk medicine Yes, it is. All itching! Take soda, pommeuse, and let it be, - Ekaterina Iosifovna…

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Reishi is the best known mushroom in Chinese folk medicine
Reishi is a valuable mushroom. One minus — it's bitter. This is the best known mushroom in Chinese folk medicine. The most ancient and very expensive. Reishi – increases the…

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Folk remedies for HCV

Traditional medicine has an Arsenal of effective methods aimed at prevention of gallstone disease and combating its consequences. And although many Orthodox physicians from the phrase “liver cleansing” brings cheekbones, wanting to try to clean this important organ in the home is becoming more and more over the years.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the virus and the duration of the disease and the immune status of the patient. The effectiveness of treatment of viral hepatitis on average ranges from 40 to 50. Depending on the stage and severity of the disease hepatitis treated on an outpatient basis or in the hospital.

At very strong immune system, once infected, a person carries hepatitis C is mild and is recovering. The frequency of such cases is close to 20. In most cases – 70 after infection a person becomes chronic hepatitis C.

What are the most dangerous consequences of hepatitis? The most dangerous consequence of acute hepatitis the development of severe fulminant form of the disease. And although this is rare (about 1 case of hepatitis to write him off).

Reneawable cancer provides a better chance for successful treatment. Diagnosing liver Cancer: Initially the diagnosis is suggested on the basis of complaints and examination of the patient, palpation and percussion of liver, laboratory tests (increased bilirubin in the blood and urobilin in the urine). Continue reading

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a lot of money, can indeed help men with some disorders to maintain and restore the health of the male body. The undoubted advantage of such treatment methods is that they are not one century, we can say that this treatment is tested for centuries by our ancestors. In fairness it should be noted that sometimes the recipes of traditional treatment is more efficient and devoid of many far from harmless side effects than modern pharmaceuticals. Also important is the financial factor, as for making a therapeutic infusion, ointment or decoction will need are readily available and inexpensive ingredients, while modern pharmaceutical drugs are often not affordable for an average Russian citizen.

Traditional medicine helps to get rid of andrological problems such as weakening of erection, infertility, prostatitis, adenoma, inflammatory abnormalities of the testicles, prepuce, of the glans or the urethra. According to studies, in case of erectile dysfunction or weakening of the greatest efficiency has ways of national treatment, help eliminate depression and stress, increase vitality and immune defense of the male body. Continue reading

The treatment of physiotherapy in the physiotherapy

Treatment physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that studies and uses for the treatment effect on the organism of environmental factors of heat, cold, light, water, electric and magnetic fields, mechanical stimulation and others.

Compared with pharmacological methods of treatment with physical therapy has a more mild effect, stimulates the natural processes leading to recovery. For example, physical therapy in osteochondrosis includes physiotherapy, mechanical impact on the vertebrae and surrounding soft tissue.

Through the combination of these techniques achieves the release clamped muscles, restoring mobility of the vertebrae and the normalization of the status of the intervertebral discs. The main advantage, which has a physiotherapy, treatments only help the body to restore the normal state from which it was withdrawn as a result of the disease.

Especially effective is the treatment physical therapy for chronic diseases, for rehabilitation after surgery or exacerbations. Total physical therapy and rehabilitation can significantly speed up recovery, reduce the need for medicines or even stop completely. Continue reading


Successful operation or removed after months of agony gypsum for many mean that the treatment is over. But the final recovery, without recurrence, is inconceivable without a subsequent course of recovery procedures.


Physiotherapy is available in every clinic, but patients are not particularly zhaluyut. And often, they, unfortunately, are right: a separate procedure is unlikely to yield significant benefits to the health. But taken together, in the form of a specific program (from 2 to 5 procedures), visits of physiotherapy impact on health in the best way.

Recovery treatment will take time (from 1 to 3 hours a day for at least two weeks), but the result is worth it.

Physiotherapy is needed and as a preventive measure. After special diagnosis of the reflex zones of the skin, the doctor discovers the functional state of all organs and systems of the patient. This helps to suggest what kind of health troubles can be expected in the future and focusing on the forecast, to choose a program that will allow people to avoid him threatening ailments.


At the heart of all physiotherapy is any physical factor. First – electricity. Continue reading

Folk medicine and folk recipes available – encyclopedia of folk medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine of all diseases:

Traditional medicine is a centuries-vast experience use traditional recipes and techniques . with the help of which the people of the world get rid of various ailments. In today’s world people are increasingly beginning to reach out to the sources and their health problems, which can not handle conventional medicine, is trying to solve with the help of herbalists, homeopaths, traditional healers. Sometimes in desperation and losing all hope, we resort to alternative medicine . taking the natural, proven remedy.

Unfortunately, in past years, when the world was shaken by the great achievements and discoveries, the subject of folk remedies and recipes are gradually being forgotten and has lost its important to have an initial value, and the fact that he could save, was used and cultivated a narrow circle of the elect. Today, this restored information is particularly invaluable.

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