Dr. Koenig and colleagues
MEDICAL CENTER "DR. KOENIG AND COLLEAGUES" In our medical office as the patient You occupy a very important place. For us the most important is the understanding between doctor and…

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Physical therapy is a necessary complement to medical treatment
Physiotherapy It has long been known that people living in warm, Maritime climate, rarely get sick. In the mountains there are more centenarians, but visitors here faster. No wonder Hippocrates…

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The treatment of physiotherapy in the physiotherapy

Treatment physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that studies and uses for the treatment effect on the organism of environmental factors of heat, cold, light, water, electric and magnetic fields, mechanical stimulation and others.

Compared with pharmacological methods of treatment with physical therapy has a more mild effect, stimulates the natural processes leading to recovery. For example, physical therapy in osteochondrosis includes physiotherapy, mechanical impact on the vertebrae and surrounding soft tissue.

Through the combination of these techniques achieves the release clamped muscles, restoring mobility of the vertebrae and the normalization of the status of the intervertebral discs. The main advantage, which has a physiotherapy, treatments only help the body to restore the normal state from which it was withdrawn as a result of the disease.

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Folk medicine and folk recipes available – encyclopedia of folk medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine of all diseases:

Traditional medicine is a centuries-vast experience use traditional recipes and techniques . with the help of which the people of the world get rid of various ailments. In today’s world people are increasingly beginning to reach out to the sources and their health problems, which can not handle conventional medicine, is trying to solve with the help of herbalists, homeopaths, traditional healers. Sometimes in desperation and losing all hope, we resort to alternative medicine . taking the natural, proven remedy.

Unfortunately, in past years, when the world was shaken by the great achievements and discoveries, the subject of folk remedies and recipes are gradually being forgotten and has lost its important to have an initial value, and the fact that he could save, was used and cultivated a narrow circle of the elect. Today, this restored information is particularly invaluable.

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