Combining methods of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the fight against cancer
Summary. The combined use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine could lead to new schemes of anticancer treatment By combining the most effective approaches of traditional Chinese and Western medicine…

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Dr. Koenig and colleagues
MEDICAL CENTER "DR. KOENIG AND COLLEAGUES" In our medical office as the patient You occupy a very important place. For us the most important is the understanding between doctor and…

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Thrush and folk medicine

About health, life and love

Do not get sick, Yes loved.

Thrush and folk medicine

Yes, it is. All itching! Take soda, pommeuse, and let it be, – Ekaterina Iosifovna looked at pretty girls talking.

– And if it doesn’t? To the doctor, probably, it is necessary.

– Wait a minute, girls, ‘ she said.

– Here, take a look at the Candida growth of fungi on a nutrient medium! Thrush symptoms or vaginal candidiasis. highlight with white, kroshkovidny character. Often there is itching, a burning sensation in the vagina.

– Oh, look at you, thrush! Like cottage cheese!

– How to treat thrush yourself at home, without the help of doctors? There are also recipes of traditional medicine!

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Folk remedies treatment of chronic alcoholism

Folk medicine recipes for the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Following are some of them.

Recipe 1.

An infusion of centaury, wormwood and thyme. Take each herb for 1 tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water, to insist, wrapped, for 2 hours. After that drain. The patient to take a tablespoon 4 times a day for 2-3 months.

Recipe 2.

To cause aversion to alcohol able the tincture of the root of lovage and Bay leaf. Is prepared. Put lovage root and 2 Bay leaf in 1 Cup of vodka. Insist 2 weeks, and then give to the patient to drink.

Recipe 3.

Put a glass of vodka a few green bugs (are found in red raspberries, with a sharp odor). Let stand and then ask the patient (without reporting on the composition of the infusion). According to popular medicine, this drink will cause the rejection of alcohol. Continue reading

Water cleanser: traditional recipes of beauty

To increase

Each of our day begins when we Wake up, get up and apply daily makeup, then go to Breakfast and get ready for work. Stretch everyday and not see them. And haven’t you thought over the fact that every morning you can start not only decorative beauty, but also natural?

For washing the majority of girls uses only plain water from the tap, and then they begin to wonder why the skin was so smooth and silky, suddenly stopped in a dry and tight or oily and porous?

The solution to this problem is very simple – the infusion of rose petals. To do this, two tablespoons of chopped petals pour boiling water (1 Cup is enough) and cover with a towel. After the infusion will brew (which takes 30 minutes) you need to cool and strain. Washing in this extract is not only perfectly refreshes and tones your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The infusion made from chamomile blossoms, suitable for normal and dry skin. Per litre of the boiling water we will need two hundred grams of dried chamomile. The procedure for preparation is similar. Chamomile tones the skin and smooths wrinkles, the skin becomes fresh and velvety. Continue reading

Wrinkles on hand folk remedies treatment
Castration of cats can reduce the number of fights. Yoga Publications personal Hygiene Neti Kriya nasal Lavage. They also come in a number of effective folk remedies from wrinkles on…


Doctors called the 5 animals that are able to treat people
Scientists have conducted several studies to explore the effects of some animals on the human body, or rather its recovery. About it reports Reregister. According to information obtained, the experts…

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